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Kamaasa's Denim mittens (one hand)

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Mittens made in collaboration with three companies: Kamasa Shoten, Johnbull, and tet.
The mittens are highly heat-resistant and easy to grip. They can be used not only for everyday cooking, but also for a wide range of uses, such as when handling charcoal in a charcoal brazier.

Specification details
  • Size: Free (for both men and women, both left and right sides) Overall: length approx. 24 cm x width approx. 14 cm
  • Material: Black denim, canvas
  • Place of origin: Kagawa Prefecture

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Stylish denim material
We have adopted a denim material that combines the appearance and durability.
Not only can it be used for a long time, but the more you use it, the more you will feel attached to it.

Adoption of Technora, a special material with high heat resistance
Aiming for functionality that can be used in professional kitchens, we adopted the high-strength aramid fiber "Technora" for the palm of the hand, where the temperature is highest.
In addition to its high strength and excellent cut resistance, its heat resistance of approximately 420°C (*) makes it suitable for kitchen use in ovens, frying pans, and woks that reach high temperatures, as well as for outdoor use as it can withstand the high temperatures of charcoal and other materials.
The use of a high-density, low-dust "Sontara" non-woven fabric on the inner side of the fabric also achieves high heat insulation and moderate thickness without impairing operability.

Please note that this does not mean that you can work with your hands up to 420℃.

3-finger type for easy grasping
We have adopted a three-finger structure that is divided into two halves on the inside of the mitten.
It fits to the movement of the hand, making it easy to do detailed work.

Glove-type safe for ovens
The glove type covers up to the wrist, providing a wide range of coverage for the hand.
It can be used safely for oven cooking, which requires the hand to be placed in the glove.

Can be used for both right and left hand
Designed to fit the hand of either the left or right dominant hand.
It is easier to put on and take off than the 5-finger type, so it can be used immediately when you need to use it in a hurry during cooking.
For oven cooking such as two-handed pans and oven dishes, it is safer to use the two-piece set with both hands.

Internal sewing finish to prevent lint from coming out.
All the fabrics are finished with internal sewing so that the cut surfaces and seams of the fabrics do not directly touch your hands, preventing lint from getting mixed in with your food.


  • Please note that the color may fade or migrate.
  • This product is intended for cooking. Please be careful when using it for purposes other than cooking.
  • The heat resistance temperature of 420℃ is for the back of the hand. Please note that other parts of the hand will not be able to withstand the temperature. Please note that the heat resistance temperature of 420°C is the heat resistance of the main body, and does not mean that the product can be worked up to 420°C.

About tet.
tet. is a company in Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, that produces original hand-related products, mainly gloves. In 2016, tet. was launched as a new project from Higashikagawa City in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan's largest glove production area, which boasts a 90% share of the domestic glove production volume. The company designs and sells a variety of gloves based on the technology rooted in the production area.

About Johnbull
Johnbull was founded in 1952 in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.
The company started with workwear, and now plans and produces not only workwear but also casual wear based on jeans.
The company has been processing and developing original materials by taking advantage of the technology cultivated over 60 years of history and its location in one of Japan's leading textile towns, which is the home of jeans. We are developing and processing original materials.
This brand is made in our own factory and continues to produce high quality products.