About Us

Online Shopping meets "TEZAWARI"

Nowadays, so many things and information are readily available online.

However, have you ever felt like you're only shopping for things
that are trendy and short-lived?
As a result, you may find yourself surrounded by possessions
that you don't really care about and wouldn't mind letting go of.

Despite living in a world full of such fleeting items,
there are always things that we cherish and cannot easily let go of.
It is our precious traditions, culture, and techniques that support these beloved items,
and that we hope to pass on to future generations.

We at TETOTETANGIBLE deliver an experience that "touches" your heartin this online world
where you cannot actually touch anything with your hands.
Our goal is to nurture your love and preserve the beautiful Japanese sense of values for future generations.

So we are committed to deliver "TEZAWARI" to you.
It's not just about accurately representing the texture of the actual product.
We also capture the essence of the creation process and the dedication of the creators behind it.
We aim to express their thoughts, passions, and faith even through the screen,
so you can feel their story.

In this way, we aim to connect the hearts of "creators" and "users"
and become a "sender" of products that will be cherished by you for years to come,
while also creating a community where many "hands to hands" are connected.


To Empower Creators and Create New Wealth in the World.

Our role is to convey the "heart," "skills," and "philosophy and beliefs" of the makers who have carefully and lovingly created their products,
so that their creations can be cherished and enjoyed by many.
Through this, we aim to deliver "healthy, beautiful, and fulfilling lives" to as many people as possible,
inheriting what our predecessors have treasured and offering a new, prosperous way of life.

To Bring Japanese Craftsmanship Directly to People Around the World.

Our other role is to deliver the wonderful products of our skilled makers to people all over the world.
By constantly updating distribution, we support sustainable sourcing and supply, and build new business creations.