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"Blessing of Kanose" simmered Akashi octopus

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2022/10/14~Start of sale

Akashi is famous for "octopus"? Why is Akashi's octopus so delicious?

The strong tidal currents in the Seto Inland Sea and Akashi Strait make the flesh tighter, which is why Akashi's octopus has an outstanding crunchiness, and the currents also roll up the nutrient-rich sand on the sea bottom and take in nutrients from the rivers flowing into Akashi from the nearby mountains, which makes for a rich source of food.
This is why Akashi's seafood is said to be generally delicious. That is why Akashi's octopus is so delicious.

In addition to octopus, rare octopus roe is also simmered in kombu oil.

Akashi octopus, with its firm flesh and rich flavor, is simmered in kombu oil, Cannature's signature recipe, along with octopus roe, which is rare.
The tighter the octopus meat is, the more you chew it, the more you can enjoy the flavor brought out by the power of the kelp broth, and the octopus roe has a unique texture and flavor.
Of course, we recommend heating the Delicious canned octopus in a hot water bath.
You can fully enjoy the texture of the elastic yet soft octopus, and the warmth makes the umami more intuitive.
You can also taste the flavor of the octopus roe more strongly.
How about a glass of chilled sake tonight?

Shikanose, the best fishing ground created by the tidal currents of Akashi.

The Akashi Strait is mentioned in Japan's first collection of waka poems, Manyoshu.
The poem is: "I want to row across to Awashima, but the waves at the gate of Akashi are still noisy."
I don't know if Awashima is Awaji Island, but "the gate of Akashi" refers to the Akashi Strait.
The poem seems to be saying that the Akashi Straits are still so rough that no boats can sail out of the straits.
The strong currents roll up nutrients along with sand from the sea bottom, and the inflow of rivers from Akashi's proximity to the mountains carries nutrients from the land. There is no reason why the seafood grown here should not be delicious. It is well known by local fishermen as a good fishing ground.
It is said that the currents stir up the seabed of the Akashi Strait, causing the sandy seabed to roll up, creating shallows and an undulating topography.
There is a legend that when deer swam across from Honshu to Awaji Island, they rested in the shallows on the way or walked across, hence the name "Shika-no-se" (there are various theories).
With such folklore in mind, please enjoy the Akashi octopus, the embodiment of "Suehiro no Saihiro" that Delicious Canning is proud to offer.

Ingredients Boiled octopus (cod (from Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture), salt) (manufactured in Hyogo Prefecture), boiled octopus roe, sesame oil, kelp, alum, antioxidant (sodium erythorbate, sulfite), pH adjuster, (contains some sesame seeds)
Contents 90g

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