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Oysters simmered in kelp oil

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2022/10/14~Start of sales

Oyster Miso ~Oyster Paste~ has been well received
Oyster Paste" was created using the steamed oyster "Tamaseiro".

The steamed oyster " TamaseiroThe patented method of steaming the oyster without losing its flavor is used to make this " TamaseiroThe kelp broth melts into the thick white sesame oil, and the
deep and rich umami of the oyster is beautifully extracted.

The co-starring of the tastes of kombu and oysters also created a synergistic effect.

When you bite into an oyster, the flavor of the sea spreads in your mouth at once along with its plump texture.
The kelp also absorbs the umami of the oyster,
giving it a soft and mellow taste that is exquisite.
The oil, which melts out even more umami, has a deep taste that makes you think that every last drop cannot be wasted.

A representative of Delicious canned food that is delicious from start to finish.

Not only for a luxurious dinner with alcohol,
but also as a friend for freshly cooked rice, it has an overwhelming presence.
We also recommend using the oil as it is for pasta sauce or carpaccio sauce.
It is a representative of Delicious canned food that will add color to your table as an ingredient in dishes depending on your imagination.

Oysters simmered in kelp oil, which allows you to fully enjoy the bounty of the sea, make a perfect gift for someone you love.

Of course, you can also treat yourself.

Ingredients Steamed oysters (domestic), edible sesame oil, kelp, salt, (some contain sesame)
Contents 85g

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