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Ume Nori seaweed Furikake

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Norikake(Nori seaweed Furikake) is a convenient way to enjoy grilled laver produced in Ariake. The crispy and savory taste of the seaweed on rice with sour plum paste. When served with ochazuke (rice with green tea), it becomes soft and fluffy, and the flavor of the seaweed spreads in the soup. It is a versatile accompaniment to rice that can also be used on salads and noodles as desired.

Shelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture.
The bottle of dried laver is filled with a desiccant, but after opening, please be careful to avoid moisture and consume it as soon as possible.

Product name: Ume-norikake

Name: Furikake (sprinkled on rice)

Ingredients: Dried laver (laver (produced in Japan), sesame, salmon granules (lactose, cornstarch, seafood extract, sugar, others), soy sauce granules (salt, lactose, soy sauce powder, sugar, others), arare (glutinous rice, Uruchi rice), plum flakes (plum paste, salt, lactose, wheat, others) / flavor, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), coloring (red malt, caramel) Flavoring, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), coloring (red yeast, caramel color, carotenoids), antioxidant (vitamin E) (Some ingredients: milk, wheat, soybeans, mackerel, salmon, sesame)

Shelf life: 180 days

○Storage method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

Nutrition Facts per 1 piece (35g)

Energy: 117kcalProtein: 4.77gFat: 4.23gCarbohydrate: 14.88gSalt equivalent: 5.04g(Estimated value) *Nori seaweed is collected in waters inhabited by shrimp and crabs. The seaweed is harvested in waters inhabited by shrimp and crabs.

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