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[Made to Order] Nambu Tetsuki Ironware Iron Pots LABO 0.7L

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What Nambu ironware can do in an age when people are becoming more distant from each other under the influence of corona.
We created our new iron pot LABO with this wish in mind.

The name LABO means laboratory.
It is a pot that supports your creativity and ingenuity.

I want a pot that is hard to spill, light, serves about 2 people, and is fun to cook with.
I want a stylish pot that is hard to spill, lightweight, and serves about 2 people, and makes cooking fun. We received such a request from a customer in the
It was the summer of 2020.
It was a request from such a woman living alone, unable to leave her home in Corona.

First, we adopted a drop-lid design inspired by the design of traditional earthenware pots.
We also incorporated holes for steam. This makes it spill-proof.

The handles are also distinctive, so you can tell at a glance which pot it is from.
The shape of the handle is inspired by a fruit pith.
The design prevents the lid from rolling when the pot is turned over.

<Basic Instructions
1 Wash in hot water and wipe dry (with a scrubbing brush, sponge, etc.)

2 Seasoning with oil (important)
After oiling the inside of the iron pot, wipe it off with kitchen paper.
Heat the pot on an open fire until it starts to smoke a little, and let the oil soak in.
Leaving the pan moist before use can cause red rust.
However, by allowing oil to soak into the pot, rust will be prevented when cooking stewed dishes.

This process is recommended each time you cook.
If seasoning is omitted, the coating on the surface of the iron pot will peel off.
and rust can easily form from it.
Even if you have forgotten to season the pot, it is still effective to season the pot afterwards, so please give it a try.
Please try it.

Cooking 1.5 cups of rice
Baking bread
Stewed dishes
Fried food

Trial Articles
vol.1 Cooking rice
vol.2 No-knead, easy bread recipe

<Cautions for use
Always wear kitchen mittens.
Do not cool quickly after heating to avoid damage.

Can be cooked over an open flame, induction cooking, or in an oven.
Because the bottom of the pot is small, please use a small-sized pot handle.

Not microwavable.
Dishwasher Not recommended

Material: Cast iron
Capacity: 700 ml
Weight 1.7kg
Diameter of handle 20cm
Internal dimension of the pot 13cm
Height of the body of the pot 9cm
Diameter of bottom 10cm
Height including lid 12cm