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Nambu Tetsuki iron kettle, black, 0.8L

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No enamel finish, oxidized film finish by oven baking, tea strainer included.

The Tateme pattern was loved by the French people.
This tetsubin was born about 10 years ago.
In a project called "Casting technique," workshops in Iwate Prefecture produced a number of pieces.
One of them is Oitomi's Tateme pattern.
The flat shape was a trendy design in Europe at that time.
It was considered suitable for expressing the texture, presence, and stability of iron.
The capacity is also different from the conventional Japanese demand, and is a world standard size.
It is neither too large nor too small.

It is a delicate pattern, yet it does not cause tension.
This is our goal in making utensils used in the world of tea ceremony.

The handle collapses for easy storage and the flat bottom is also excellent for use with IH. However, we recommend that you use it on low heat when using it with induction.
We recommend that you use it over low heat when using it in induction. This is to prevent deformation due to the concentration of the heat source.

Tetsubin have long been hung on a free-standing hook or hung over a brazier.
It is not meant to boil water in a flash, but rather to be used slowly over a charcoal fire.
It is a tool with that kind of flavor.

We hope you will enjoy the quiet and high quality time.

◎Kamayaki Tetsubin by Oitomi
The inside of the tetsubin has a grayish color, which is a proof of the traditional kama-yaki process.
This is an indispensable finish to replenish the iron content, which is the original characteristic of the tetsubin.
This kyusu (teapot) is an iron kettle and tetsubin that has been coated with an oxide film using the kama-yaki process.
No enamel finish is applied.

Handle: Movable
Tea strainer: Included
Capacity 0.8L (full water)
Width, depth 16cm
Height including handle: 16 cm
Bottom diameter: 12.5 cm
Weight: 1.7 kg