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snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio)

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The Queen of Winter Flavors is Now Available in "Delicious Canned Food

The king of winter delicacies from the Sea of Japan is the snow crab.

The female snow crab, "Seiko Crab," has joined the natural canned canned food lineup.
If snow crab is the king, then naturally, seiko crab is the queen of winter del icacies!

The fishing season for snow crab begins in early November and lasts about two months, from late December to early January.
Although the season only lasts for this short period, Delicious canned crab can be stored at room temperature so that the deliciousness of the crab can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

The crab meat is carefully removed from the crab and packed with the inner and outer eggs, crab innards, crabmeat and meat of about 1 seiko crab.
The crab meat is then marinated in oil with thick white sesame oil.
The freshness of the meat is preserved, and the flavors of the inner and outer eggs and crabmeat are also locked in.

Seiko crab has

four flavors to enjoy at the same time

: the
rich taste of the uchiko ( ovary), the
delightful texture of the sotoko ( roe), the
rich crabmeat,

and of

course, the
delicate taste of the crab meat

, which

should not be forgotten.
Some people are captivated by the indescribable taste of the inner roe, while others are addicted to the
texture of the outer roe

Enjoy it with your favorite wine or sake for a rich dinner.
A unique souvenir at a home party.
The unmistakable taste makes it the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Delicious both "as is" and "warmed up".

Many of the Delicious canned products from Can Naturel Canned Foods are recommended to be served warm by boiling over
Even if you don't heat them up, they are still delicious as they are.
The delicacy of the meat that melts in your mouth and the crab flavor that rises all at once on your tongue.
If you warm it up a little, the moment you open the package, the crab's unique and fascinating aroma will bring a smile to your dining table.

Yes, there is no mistake about the ingredients. Enjoy it to your heart's content.

Ingredients Seiko crab (from Kyoto and Hyogo Prefectures), edible sesame oil, salt
Contents 75g

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