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Rice coffee T-pack 30g (5g x 6 packets)

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Easy to carry around in a tea packet.
Enjoy a cup of rice coffee during work or when going out.

Content: 5g x 6 packets (30g)
Ingredient: Hulled brown rice (no pesticides or chemical fertilizers)

*Recommended drinking method*

・Pour 180-200ml of hot water into 1tea bag



in a

cup* 1tea bag can be repeated 4 times. Pour 180-200ml of hot water into a 1-tea bag.


180-200ml of hot water into 1 tea bag.

Put the 1-tea bag in a pot or kettle, bring 1 liter of water to a boil, and simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes

Recommended for family and friends gatherings.

~Brown Rice and Charcoal - A
folk remedy using charcoal (kuroyaki) has been used in Japan since ancient times.
In Japan, it is mentioned in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), and in Chinese and Russian literature.
Rice coffee, also known as "black roasted brown rice tea,"
has long supported the health of the Japanese people

It is made from pesticide-free hulled brown rice, and
in the case of hand-roasted rice, it is roasted in an earthenware pot for 3.5 hours,

slowly and painstakingly


positive energy of nature
(= creating, tightening, and warming things)

in the

right rotation


It is believed to warm the body from the core and strengthen the immune system.

Please use rice coffee, which is full of traditional wisdom, to support a healthy daily life.
It is caffeine-free, so pregnant women and children can drink it.
It is also recommended before going to bed at night.

----------------------------------●Attention●・Hulled rice (rich in silicon and minerals)
, 100% pesticide-free, chemical-free
, and caffeine-free, so it is suitable for pregnant women, small children

, and the elderly.


is also recommended for the following people:
- For warmth & intestinal activities -


tired bodies from hard work -


pregnant and nursing
mothers* You will feel the benefits of this drink if you continue to take it for a little while


------------------------------------------------~Sit with the seasons in

Japan~Spring: For those who are easily fatigued due to the change of seasons


Summer: For those who get chilled by air conditioning.
Autumn - For days when you have eaten or drank too much.
Winter: To keep your body warm from hand to foot.

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